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SugarMaker Info

Hello Sugar Makers- There are TWO very important bits of info on this page. They are lengthy but important! First is to register your sugarhouse...Second is a letter and info from our NY Maple Association for the REAP grants. Have a great season! 

 *****Register Your Sugar House*****


Statement from North American Maple Syrup Council to member organizations:

FDA Requirements for Registration of Maple Syrup Production Facilities

In 2003 the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued amendments to the food safety laws which

required domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal

consumption in the United States to register with FDA by December 12, 2003.

As of today under the FDA regulation maple syrup producers are required to register their facility if they

manufacture maple syrup from sap collected from trees they tap or from sap purchased from others.

FDA Registration is also required if the facility makes other maple products for human consumption and / or

sells maple syrup or maple syrup products to consumers from the sugarhouse, farm or other outlets.

According to the FDA’s website, failure to register "is a prohibited act under the FD&C Act. The Federal

government can bring a civil action against persons who commit a prohibited act, or it can bring a criminal

action in Federal court to prosecute persons who are responsible for the commission of a prohibited act, or


What is confusing the issue is that regulations being proposed under the Food Modernization Act of

2011 may exclude maple syrup. However, note that this exception is about excluding maple syrup from

the proposed new food safety regulations only. It does not exclude maple syrup producers from

registering their facility under the FDA guidelines.

Our association leadership suspects that this news may not be well received by some producers so please

understand that we do not make the regulations nor do we enforce them. We are simply passing on this

important information to you. It’s up to you to decide whether you qualify to register and we trust that you

will represent the best interests of your sugaring operation during that decision process.

New registrants must complete the FORM FDA 3537 (9/12) on line which is simple to fill out but

rather lengthy (10 pages). There is no cost to register if you register directly to the FDA.

Facilities that are presently registered must update their registration information on file with the FDA every

two (2) years. We understand the current deadline for filing updates is January 31, 2013 and if you do not

update your account by January 31


you will need to re-register your facility.

For more information you can visit:










(9/12) - To help facilitate registration print a blank form from the link below:





Complete and MAIL or FAX the completed FORM FDA 3537 to:




FAX to: 301-436-2804


The FORM FDA 3537 can be completed online and your account / pin set up with your

user name and password at the FDA website. Please note that if you want a copy of the FORM FDA 3537 to

fill out manually before you go on-line (recommended) you can access and print a copy from the link above;


Access the FDA Website for new Registrations:






Click on: LOGIN / CREATE AN ACCOUNT (top center of page)



(New Page) then scroll down to bottom left corner and under NEW USER, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT






Now create your account and continue with the registration process.



If you forget to do something it will let you know by not completing the page. You cannot skip

sections of the registration process.

Important Note:

"Maple Syrup" is not specifically listed in Section 10a of the FDA Form 3537 therefore under

Category select No.17 – "Food Sweeteners" then under Type of Activity select "Manufacturer / Processor"




There is no fee or charge to register if you do so directly on the FDA website or by fax or mail.



The online process will take a while especially if you do not have the information handy. It is best to

fill out a draft of the FORM FDA 3537 before beginning the registration process on line.



If you stop entry too long after starting the registration process the program will quit and will not

save anything you entered to that point and you will need to start the form all over again.



Once you have registered you must update your data on file with the FDA every two (2) years.

Suggest marking your calendar as they will not remind you. If you miss the update deadline you may

be required to re-register your facility.

Dear Members,

Many of you are already familiar with the USDA REAP grants.   While the grant application schedule for 2014 HAS NOT YET BEEN ANNOUNCED, I am writing to let you know that the NY USDA coordinator has advised me the program will be available this year, and he expects the application process to start sometime in mid-April. In previous years the closing deadline for applications has been May 15, or May 30 at the latest.

REAP grants are available to maple producers for the purpose of upgrading existing operational equipment to save energy. Some examples of equipment that will qualify: Reverse osmosis, steamaway, energy efficient evaporators, and in some cases, vacuum pumps that replace older outmoded vacuum pumps.

If this year’s requirements are similar to previous years they will be:
the minimum amount the equipment (plus installation) must cost is $6000. Maximum is $80,000.

you must have at least 1 year’s records showing income from maple sales: 3 years are preferable

you must have at least 1 year’s records of the energy used to produce the syrup you made: again more years history are preferable.

The grants are competitive: that means that all agricultural applications for NYS are ranked and the top scoring applications receive funding first.   Scores are based primarily on how much energy is saved: the more energy saved per year, the higher the score.  Grants are reimburseable: you have to pay the entire cost, and when the equipment is installed and the USDA has verified it is installed, you will receive funds that amount to 25% of the cost. So you will pay 75%.

If you think you are interested in applying for a REAP grant for equipment you would be able to use in 2015 sugaring season, it is not too soon to be thinking and planning.  When you are ready to proceed, the first step is to get an energy assessment of your proposed project. (this gives that score I mentioned above).  You must use an approved energy assessor professional to prepare this document.  The association has worked with Richard Peterson of Northeast Agriculture Technology Corp, Ithaca, NY  to develop the most efficient and cost effective way for you to get this assessment done.  I attach his questionnaire and contact information. If you are interested in proceeding, it will be up to you to contact Dick directly and arrange to hire him.  His fee  is usually less than $300.

Please remember there are also limited grant funds available from the USDA NRCS EQIP program for the same type of purpose: you would need to be registered with your local Farm Service Agency and NRCS office.  These grants pay a higher percentage of the cost so are well worth the extra  paperwork involved.

I always hear from producers in mid-may who want to apply for REAP and are disappointed to learn that they have run out of time and won’t be able to get the paperwork in before the deadline.  So if you are thinking of applying, I urge you to start planning now, and to contact Mr. Peterson as soon as you are sure you want to proceed.  I know a couple of producers who have already started their energy assessments with him.

As always, if you have questions feel free to email or call.   I will send another  email announcement to members when the REAP application schedule is announced.


Helen M. Thomas

Executive Director

New York State Maple Producers Association

301 Myron Road

Syracuse, NY 13219

315 877 5795 fax 315 488-0459



Information Request Form

 To prepare Energy Assessment for R/O Sap Concentrator, high efficiency evaporators and other energy efficiency improvements for USDA Grant application

 In order to prepare a 3rd party energy assessment to validate the energy savings of a planned Reverse Osmosis sap concentration machine, new evaporators, steam-aways, variable speed vacuum pumps or other energy efficiency improvements for a maple syrup operation, the following information  needs to be provided so that an accurate energy savings assessment can be made.

 Name: ______________________________________

 Business Name:  ______________________________

  Business Address: ___________________________________


 Mailing address (if different)           ____________________________


 Phone:  (     ) ________________

 1).  Describe  planned R/O system to be purchased: (if applicable)  If replacing an existing smaller RO,  also provide information on the existing RO.  If adding a membrane to an existing RO, provide information comparing existing RO performance and energy use compared to the performance with additional membrane.

             Make ________________________      Model ___________________________

            Total cost of R/O system (including installation): _$___________________

            (Be sure to include wiring costs and the cost of any tanks you will need to purchase) 

            Electricity load:  current draw in amps   ________ amps

             Operating voltage :  _________ volts

             Sap concentration performance:    % sugar content before R/O ____________%

                                                                    % sugar content after R/O    ____________%

 2).  Describe current maple syrup operation:

             # of taps  _______________

             # gallons of sap produced in a typical year  _____________gal.

             # gallons of maple syrup produced in a typical year  ___________gal.

             Average sugar content of sap  ________%

             Typical boiling schedule     hrs/day ___________    days/year  ________

             Evaporator:  Make ______________   Model _______________  Size  _______

             Fuel(s) used in evaporator ___________________ (e.g. wood, #2 fuel oil, other)


3).  Energy used in a typical production year:

            wood:  # of full cords  _________  Type of wood _________ (e.g. mixed hardwood identify species)____________________________________________

             Fuel oil  # of gallons ____________(#2), ____________(#6) __________ (other)

             Other fuel ___________ quantity 

             Your cost (or local market value) of fuel ________ (for firewood, what would

             be the local selling price for home heating use?

             Electricity use (existing equipment)

                         Lighting:   # of light fixtures  ___________

                                          Type of light fixtures __________ Incandescent, fluorescent)

                                            Watts per fixture ____________ (e.g. 100 Watt)

                                             Hours used per day while boiling _________

                         Blower fans on evaporator  # of fans _____ Amps/fan ____ voltage _____

                         Air injectors:  # of injectors ______ Amps/injector _____ voltage _____

                         Other electrical load:

                                     Exhaust fans:  # of fans _______  Hp/fan ______ Voltage ______

   4).  Other upgrade information:

             Evaporator upgrade:  Provide specs of new equipment and expected efficiency

            improvement.  Provide any other equipment purchases related to evaporator           upgrade  Please provide dealer quoted cost of new equipment.

 Vacuum Pump upgrade:

 Make and model of existing pump ___________________________________  Hp_____

 Make and model of proposed pump: __________________________________  Hp_____

 Does proposed pump have a variable speed drive control (VSD)?    Yes___   No ___

 Average seasonal sap production per tap before old pump:  _______________gal/tap

 Average seasonal sap production with old pump (before 2013 season) _______ gal/tap

 Average seasonal sap production in 2013 __________  gal/tap

 Downtime (if known) due to existing pump breakdowns in 2013  (Note:  perhaps you can estimate how much sap production was lost due to pump failure)

 The information provided on this form will be used to perform and energy use assessment and to calculate energy savings to be achieved with the installation of a reverse osmosis sap concentrator and/or other production system improvements.

 The cost of the Assessment is $250.00.  This cost can be included in your grant request.


Northeast Agriculture Technology Corp.

Suite 244, Box 1002

95 Brown Road

Ithaca, NY 14850

607-725-2741 (cell/office)

607-387-4990 (FAX)



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