Justus Asthalter Maple Syrup Inc.
Bringing our family tradition to your table for 4 generations
Voted #1 Maple Syrup by the River Reporter 2011 & 2012 & 2013 :)

Bringing our Family Tradition
to Your Table
for 4 Generations


J.A. Maple Annual Spring Sale: April 27th-May 31st

Replacing, expanding, or starting new? Check out the great Spring Sale tubing prices!

Leader Tubing, Mainline, Tubing Fittings and Tools

Ø  10% Spring Sale discount

Ø  Additional 5% for orders delivered by September 1st 

Vacuum Pumps and Releasers (all brands and styles)

Ø  15% Spring Sale discount

Leader R/O Machines

Ø  15% Spring Sale discount or,

Ø  0% Financing for 12 months available for qualified individuals, plus 10% discount

***NO discounts for MICRO R/0 Machines

Leader Pro and Elite Series Evaporators                         

Ø  15% Spring Sale Discount

Leader Select and Classic Series Evaporators

Ø  10% Spring Sale discount or,

Ø  0% Financing for 12 months available for qualified individuals, plus 5% discount

Special Pricing on Leader Gray 30p Tubing – Limited supply, in stock only

Ø  Gray 1 ½” x 400’ – $375 per roll

Ø  Gray 1’’ x 500’ – $185 per roll

Ø  Gray 3/16’’ x 800’ - $41 per roll

Items Discounted 10%

  • Ø Replacement Evaporator Pans (Except Half Pint, supreme and WSE Models)
  • Ø Sipple sugar machines
  • Ø leader cream machines
  • Ø Any Style Arch (Except Half Pint, 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 standard wood fired)
  • Ø Steam-a-ways and Accessories
  • Ø Parallel Flow Pre-Heaters (S/S and Copper)
  • Ø Steam Hoods stainless steel
  • Ø Leader Forced Draft Units
  • Ø Air Tight Fronts
  • Ø All Roof Jacks
  • Ø All Steam and Smoke Stack (including Base Stacks)

 Items Discounted 5%

  • All leader stainless tanks
  • All Complete Evaporators Half Pint, supreme and WSE Models
  • Replacement Evaporator Pans for Half Pint, supreme and WSE Models
  • Any Style Arch for Half Pint, 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 standard wood fired
  • Vacuum fillers  and fill stops
  • Water jacketed canning units(18 and 40 gal)
  • 10" and 15" Moisture Traps
  • Sap Lifting Systems
  • Filter presses (including papers and filter aid when purchased as a complete unit)
  • Full cases of Sugarhill containers in stock and pre-orders/pre-pay
  • Full Cases of all Glass in stock and Pre-order, pre-pay
  • Most any items not specifically listed

Did you do the homework? Did you make a list of everything you use season?

GOOD! Here are the rules of the game:

Current inventory is INCLUDED in the sale!!!

All items must be pre-ordered/or purchased for the pricing discounts. Payment is pre-paid on all items except fabrication, ordered containers and ordered tubing, where 50% is due at order and remainder at completion.

All containers must be -if packaged- in full case quantities (to be a full case)

Almost all items (remember your list!!) are minimum 5% off (excluded from sale are stainless steel barrels (ask about quantity pricing), previously discounted items and used equipment)

Give us a call, email or come see us at the Leader Evaporator annual open house on April 28th & 29th, 2017 and check out what’s new or go to one of the trade classes offered.

Remember you can always schedule us to come walk your woods or review your equipment needs at your sugarhouse.

Thanks, from the Boyes family and Justus Asthalter Maple Inc.

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