Justus Asthalter Maple Syrup Inc.
Bringing our family tradition to your table for 4 generations
Voted #1 Maple Syrup by the River Reporter 2011 & 2012 & 2013 :)

Bringing our Family Tradition
to Your Table
for 4 Generations

Maple Syrup
Contact us at info@justusmaple.com with any questions or comments.
Gotta love a good apron... only 25 bucks to keep the "Girls" covered when you're cooking! 
AND... while you are fixin dinner...have a drink.... :) only 6 bucks to sport the logo :)
We also have other pure maple:

Maple Cream:
$8.00 a half pound
$15.00 a pound

Maple Candies:
3 pk (1oz) for only $1.25
Larger bulk quantities available as well 

Granulated Maple Sugar
$8.00 a half pound
$15.00 a pound

We put the PLASTIC QUART first being it is most common purchase ~ it is the perfect size to give as a gift~ or simply feed your need for maple!!! :)

Quart Pure
Maple Syrup $18.00

100 ml Pure
Maple Syrup $3.00

1/2 Pint Pure
Maple Syrup $6.00

Pint Pure
Maple Syrup $10.00

1/2 Gallon Pure
Maple Syrup $32.00

 Full Gallon Pure
Maple Syrup $58.00

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